Responsible Wasting

I decided to keep a "waste" journal today to see how much I throw out a day. Let's just say it was a bittersweet assignment. Sweet, because I noticed I don't throw out much. Bitter, because, well frankly, that makes for a pretty boring blog post!

Here's what I threw out

I like to say I lead a simple life :)

Anyways, after evaluating my list I decided to create yet another list.

How to eliminate your daily waste!

1. Buy in BULK. Especially dry goods, such as oatmeal, rice, or even crystal light! Most bulk items are bought in cardboard, which after a quick dry scrub, you can recycle!

2. Do-it-yourself! So how can you satisfy your mid afternoon energy bar craving without creating packaging waste? Make Cristina's Cashew Cookie! When Cristina posted this recipe last December I was so excited! Not only are you ridding yourself from mystery ingredients (seriously, this recipe only has two!) but you can store these goodies in reusable containers! Double win!

3. Recycle! Create a little recycling area in your room or kitchen, categorized into cardboard, bottles, and plastic. You can even stash away your recycle container on a top shelf to avoid clutter!

4. Educate yourself! Making better daily decisions can really make a difference! Utilize your smart phone and quickly google the best eco choice during conflicting times! Quick Intervention. Paper or Plastic ? Assuming you forgot your reusable bag, go with paper, it will decompose quicker! Hand Dryer or Paper Towel? Both are taxing on the environment, but go with the hand dryer, it prevents deforestation!

5. Compost! No explanation here!

I don't necessarily practice all these tips yet, and I know actions speak louder than words, so look out for some posts in the near future featuring me, most likely "composting". Hope my apartment complex doesn't mind!


  1. And is Crystal Light very sustainable????

  2. Use lovely cloth napkins instead of paper. In the house of my abuelita, she had an embroidered napkin for each of us ...and we would use it a couple of times before putting it in the laundry. Mama