I won't stop for nothing!

Hey, just because yesterday was my birthday it did not mean I was going to take a day off from saving the planet. (I believe that's what I'm doing, right?)

I still used my Tupperware

I recycled a huge load at the MSU recycling center

Got rid of some plastics, cardboard, and bottles

Picked up after my fellow litterbug students (and yes, I do receive the strangest looks)
(recycled picture)

went on an outdoor run

and celebrated my birthday at a local restaurant that only serves Michigan grown food

...but, you better believe I plugged in this bad boy


  1. i will buy you new black flats for your birthday

  2. Rude sister. But I'm a size 8 1/2

  3. What kind of birthday cake can I make you? Mmm, maybe one with Michigan grown cherries cause don't think bananas would be home grown.

  4. HAHAHA this is so funny! I love the ending..the whole time I was thinking, "She is amazing!!!"

    I noticed the flats too :)