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Listen to Robyn O'Brien speak about the dangers caused by genetically modified food

Since we're all family here, I can generalize and say that I know most of us aren't completely oblivious to whats going on in the Food Industry. Not only that, but we were brought up eating right and we've all kept it up. But now it seems as though avoiding processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and saturated fats is not enough. What scared me about this video was the realization that although we may successfully avoid nasty chemicals and toxins in our foods, scientists are surpassing us and engineering chemicals into our animals food system, which contaminates both our dairy and meat. We seem powerless in this situation.

Now, I don't intend on becoming vegan anytime soon so I suppose this is just another reason to continue scrutinizing food labels.

To be honest, this video actually left me in a frenzy, what isn't genetically modified nowadays? Are we becoming too paranoid? Is this simply a promotional tool for Whole Foods? Is living with harsh chemicals inevitable? Overall, I appreciate the information and insight Robyn provided and truly don't perceive Whole Foods as a food bully, but I must criticize that Robyn did not cover enough on how to take on a proactive role in this situation.

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  1. Must be difficult for parents these days to make smart meal choices for their young innocent children.