Basil, Cilantro and Lettuce, oh my!

It all started a week ago, when I began salivating over the thought of eating a portobello pesto burger. I love mushrooms. I love pesto. I love tomatoes. And I love lettuce. I was determined to grow my own ingredients and start flipping some 'shrooms ASAP.

Not so fast.

My first hurdle was realizing that portobello mushrooms were not simply grown with some rays and rain, but they needed to be cultivated and nurtured with yeast, well, since this blog is all about baby steps, I wasn't quite ready for that type of commitment. Next! Second hurdle, tomatoes are best grown in temperatures 70-75. East Lansing is still hovering around the 50-60 degree range. Who doesn't love a reminder that they don't live in so cal? Anyways, hurdles aside, I still decided to plant!

1. Grow Portobello mushrooms B line to the farmers market
2. Grow basil
3. Grow tomatoes randomly grow cilantro because of its 99% success rate
4. Grow lettuce

While I was planting, on my balcony, some neighbors of mine came out to play. Had to share!