Focus on: Eco Fashion

For the past week I have been freelancing at an LA showroom that features many eclectic designers. I could easily speak passionately about each designer, but I am partial to one specifically. Gretchen Jones, also known as the Season 8 winner of Project Runway, is one of the eight designers showcased at the showroom. Her designs are effortlessly cool, inspired by rural landscapes and feminine fabrics. As if her cleverly thought out designs weren't enough, Gretchen's pieces are also all eco and ethically sound. Her brand is eco conscious, always considering the impact their production will have on the planet, as well as sustainably sourcing materials. She also participates in NY's Save the Garment Center organization which promotes and strives to keep production companies in the US. The only upset? Her collections price point ranges from $200-600 dollars. Guess that's the price of (planet) beauty.

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