The Dream Team

Last weekend. I cut my hair. And although my hair is healthier now, it's ALSO substantially shorter.
SO! In an attempt to grow out my hair, I've adopted some Healthy Cheats to arrive to my desired length - quicker!

-Once a week - Pre Shampoo Egg Yolk Shine + Strength Booster (what should you do with the with the remaining egg white? Face Mask DIY recipe to come :) )

-Everyday - COCONUT OIL. This stuff is amazing. Dab some oil at the ends of your hair after showering and before flat ironing. Helps naturally protect your ends without using unknown chemicals.

-Twice a month - Treat your hair to a Coconut Oil and Peppermint Extract hair mask. Leave on for an hour (or longer!). Then proceed to shower and rinse as usual.

-Everyday - Take Folic Acid and Biotin vitamins, these babies help promote hair strength as well as other health benefits.

-Weekly - Less showering, try to limit hair wash to 3-4 days a week. Gross. I know.

-Biweekly - Save up for a new flatiron which should help LESSEN all the heat damage I put through my hair.

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