[Focus on] sustainable clothing

The main reason I became interested in sustainability was because of my interest in eco friendly clothing which began a couple years ago. To be honest, I wasn't very happy with what was out there in regards to what was really available for a consumer, furthermore, a fashion conscious consumer. There were two extremes, high end designer eco threads and overpriced basics. Put aside my ashamed love for fast fashion and cheap clothing chains, I was even willing to buy less and spend more on fair trade, environmentally friendly clothes. But I couldn't. There was a whole market that wasn't being catered to! During college we are developing new passions and many of us are discovering new causes we want to bring awareness to. But we're on a budget. It seemed as though the only pieces available for us were indigo printed sarogs and crochet cardigans.

Yes, I love the environment and believe the apparel industry needs to take more responsibility for the damage they are causing (americans throw away over 68 pounds of clothing and textiles a year!) but No, I do not want to change my style and begin dressing like a hippie just for the cause.

As for right now, as much as I hate to say, the best way for a consumer to participate creating a more sustainable world is to STOP buying so much clothing, particularly from fast fashion chains. However, as both a commissioned sales person and a student about to enter the apparel industry, I think that we, as consumers should be able to buy clothing without feeling guilty and so...

Although I am still not entirely happy with the ethical fashion available, because the majority is only available on the web (carbon footprints from shipping and packaging kind of defeats the purpose) I will, post what I can find of some exceptional eco friendly clothing and beauty products finds (most likely from the internet).

Some websites on the right track :

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