The Green Monster

One thing I have noticed is that most likely the largest ethical decision we will make everyday is the choices we make while picking out our foods. Although its impossible to make every meal environmentally friendly, I do want to begin highlighting on some great ethically induced meals.

Introducing the: The Green Monster.

For Christmas I got a blender and have been really eager to use it. I had been hearing a lot about the benefits of juicing and wanted to see how it tasted. Here is
a cheap way to eat some local veggies and nuts, be completely recharged, and completely satisfied!

Ingredients: two handfuls of Michigan grown Spinach, one Banana, 2 tablespoons of ELFCO Peanut Butter (East Lansing food co op) , and one cup of Almond milk!

At first I didn't have all the ingredients, but luckily, yesterday, Patrick bought me some Michigan Spinach and stole a banana for me from the cafeteria :) .

So today after a day at school I decided to make the smoothie in hopes to be fully energized for work!

It definitely perked me up. It was delicious and nutritious!

Some recent Eco decisions

1. As much as I love my malibu, I did not use my car at all yesterday!

2. Went with patrick to recycle bottles and cans at Meijer - $5.40 worth!

3. Recycled some more newspapers (Sorry for the blurry picture. My insecurities got the best of me while people stared at me taking a photo of the ground)

As promised I have a few eco picks from the green with glamour website.
Ice Cap Tank - $85 - Made in the USA - Tencel Fabric

Catalina Cowel Dress - on sale $31.25 - Made in USA - Bamboo Fabric (pesticide free)

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