The stakes are rising

Conveniently for me, this week, Michigan has been experiencing a more than welcomed warm spell. With weather ranging from the mid 40s – high 60s, unplugging my beloved space heater, taking the bus, and running outside hasn’t been particularly difficult to adjust to. And although the path towards sustainability is not meant to be inconvenient and difficult, I do think it is time for me to raise the stakes. As you already know, I am in a relationship. With my hair straightener. It gets plugged in once a day to transform my curly messy mane into untangled beautiful manageable locks. As most of us do, I multitask in the mornings, and in between eating my breakfast, getting dressed, checking my email, and watching the today show, it stays on for about an hour. This has got to stop. I am consuming far too much unnecessary energy. Now, as stated in an earlier post, I do not intend on changing my style for the cause and begin looking and dressing like a hippie (just yet) so instead I am going to limit myself to three 30 minute straightening sessions a week. I know, such a big lead up and I am not even giving it up entirely, but give me a break, I said baby steps to sustainability, remember? Time to rock the ponytail.

its really hard to take pictures of your hair without taking a picture of your face.

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  1. holy puff! just kidding, good job.