4 Unsustainable Guilty Pleasures

To be honest, I am pretty pleased with how my commitment to sustainability has evolved these past few weeks. While I am eager to continue practicing an eco friendly lifestyle even after Easter, there are some (for lack of better words) guilty pleasures that I don't see myself giving up anytime soon....

1. Le
ather. Three years ago while working at Nordstrom I bought myself a McGinn leather jacket. I was in love. I am in love. I will forever be in love.

2. Non Organic Make-up. Specifically, bronzer & mascara. Look at me. Enough Said.

3. High Carbon Footprint Avocados. Whatever the season, wherever the orgin, they will always make an appearance in my sandwiches.

4. Prepackaged, artificially sweetened pop music sold by genetically enhanced, unnatural auto tuned singers. Pitbull, Kesha, Usher, WHOEVER, I have no shame admitting that this music makes me feel so much better than any acoustic one- man band ever will.
^ Proof: my running pandora channels

And yes, I realize and am okay with the fact that this list makes me look like a materialistic superficial 14 year old girl :)


  1. Is Dominos or Little Ceasar Pizza a guilty pleasure? I was hungry for one today but I resisted the temptation of buying one.