Say it ain't so!

For those of you who are strictly interested in reading about my sustainability progress, I suggest you stop reading now.

Still here? Cool.

Alright, so a Michigan State study just came out with some enlightening information concerning the Organic Food Industry. Take a look at the source and think about how many of these organic companies you recognize. Now, how many of these did you know were owned by, say Coca-Cola or General Mills? Most likely you did not. Howcome? Well, when small organic brands begin to struggle financially they are bought off by the big greedy corporations, eager to tap into the organic market. No surprise there. Unfortunately, during the process of cutting costs and finding short cuts, many companies begin to lose their original fundamentals, such as remaining vegan or their elimination of genetically modified ingredients. Additionally, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that most organic consumers would prefer to support what appears to be a small family bred company, so it’s no wonder that Larabar or Kashi choose to not advertise their big brother affiliation.

So what should we take away from this? Don’t trust anyone.

Just kidding, now I’m no expert, but I think as long as we continue making our own meals, continue reading labels and don’t rely on prepackaged health foods we’ll be just fine. :)

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