6 Easy Ways to Go Green on Earth Day

1. Enjoy a veg based diet today. Did you know reducing your meat intake by 20% creates the same energy savings as switching a standard car for a Prius?

2. Consume less water. As in, don't shower. The planet and your hair will thank you.

3. Make the switch. Swap your paper towels for cloth towelettes. Baggies for Tupperware. Car for public transportation. Regular light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulb. Or even better, electrical lights for candles. Oohlala!

4. Consume less in general. I cannot stress enough about how detrimental excessively packaged perishables, materials, and products are to our planet. In fact, the more locally based your goods are, the less likely they will be overly packaged. Need more proof that being materialistic is damaging to our planet? Watch this.

5. Practice your 3 R's. Get in the habit of recycling your cardboard, glass, and plastics. Reusing allows you to actively create less waste. Did you know 99% of what you buy today will be thrown out in the next 6 months? And for reducing tips, see # 2 & 4.

6. Spend some time outside! Remember why mother nature is worth protecting!

So what am I going to do this Earth Day? I'm going to shut down my laptop, empty my recycle bins at the MSU recycling center, enjoy some FREE tea at Starbucks, [drive to] work, embrace the weather (rain or shine) and go on a run, then I'll be preparing some vegan cuisine.

Talk about a depressing forecast!


  1. Are you going to turn vegan? Brent and I started challenge to try a vegan recipe once a week because we have lots of friends who are vegan, and we want recipes for when they come over. I think I could reduce the amount of meat I eat, but never give it up 100%. Also, most catholics will be vegetarian today anyways!

  2. that's a poopy forecast right there! sorry

  3. That's a good challenge! I'm not turning vegan, I like meat too much. Plus, I know so many people that are and just end up eating vegan junk food to replace their meals. Maybe ill try eating vegan twice a week or something