Lets talk clothes

I have a confession.

My biggest green challenge has been making environmentally conscious decisions while I shop for clothes. In fact, throughout the past few months, it has been the silent elephant in the room. Yes, there are plenty of online boutiques that feature pieces in highly refined organic fabrics and yes, there are consignment shops that offer terrific bargains for unique clothing, but neither one supplies deep discounted items a-la-H&M. And although, to my defense, Michigan does not have the best assortment of resale shops, I did manage to give two resale shops a chance today with Mama. Baby Steps.

The first store was a small resale shop in Keego Harbor, Michigan. They offered some name brand items such as BCBG, MaxMara, Coach, and I even spotted a Fendi handbag! The prices were reasonable and I left with a pair of vintage art deco inspired earrings. Apparently I have Midnight In Paris on my mind.

The second resale shop was Salvation Army. For me, their stores are big, musty, and overwhelming. With that said, I realize that Salvation Army is not in the business to cater to fashion-conscious consumers, they are here to supply a wide variety for lower income families. And while I admire all they provide for the community, for me they are not a reliable source for vintage clothing.

Luckily for me, I hear in Big Cities are great for consignment shopping :)


  1. What do you mean salvation army isnt for fashion conscious, that where i buy most of my clothing?

  2. Melrose Avenue in LA is a resale shopper's dream!

  3. who is anonymous??
    healthy cheats: you should check out ebay.

  4. Can anonymous find designer clothes at Salvation Army? I was looking for POrtmierion or Spode dished but didn;t find any. Need to go to the outlet in Stoke on Trent.