Breaking the Chain and Eating Local

Over the past few weeks I have been focusing on eating local. Throughout the summer months, Michigan has a lot to offer, everything from our famous Traverse City Cherries to our neighboring farmers fresh eggs. And although I haven't made a total commitment to eating only local products, I am definitely making a conscience effort to support our state while taking advantage of our GMO-free (genetically modified) produce, dairy and polutry.

Here are some examples:

Bangor, Michigan Blueberries!

Middleville, Michigan Chicken

Grand Rapids, Michigan Peanut Butter

East Lansing Farmers Market Raspberries

I have also been enjoying Michigan Lettuce, Eggs, Nuts, Seeds, and my personal favorite, Fish.

What does YOUR state have to offer?


  1. I think that eating Grand Traverse Pie is eating locally. mmm!

  2. what about Faygo?