Eating LoCal in SoCal

Here in Southern California its no struggle to eat a completely local meal. In fact, when I first moved here I found myself braging to a girl at work that although I wasn't vegan, I strived to only eat local foods. I went on to tell her that, yes, although at times it can be difficult to track down local foods it was definetly the most beneficiary to the environment and should always be a priority. She did not seem impressed. Why? Because Trader Joe's, and at times even the nearest Ralph's, will easily provide you with local produce, meat, and even local (2 buck chuck) wine! No sweat. Its a sustainable newbies dream. So, when Cristina asked me to think up a recipe for dinner, I simply bought some Californian chicken, lettuce, avocados, salsa and tomatoes, and made Tostadas!

Eco Friendly tostadas anyone?

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