"I think I'm training for a marathon... no, yes I am...actually, I'm not sure..."

Volunteering your body to go through the most pain it has ever experienced is a hard decision. I know, shocking revelation. So, why am I even considering running a marathon then? Yes, like many others, I want to test myself and break personal boundaries but in all honestly, I'm considering running a marathon because I'd be running the Los Angeles Marathon. I have no intention of ever running a zillion marathons, or even two! But there is something about running the LA Marathon that seems necessary, its the the first city I chose to live in post-college, the first city I truly fell in love with, the first city that opened its doors to me. This past year and a half I've been in some sort of crazy love affair with LA. I've been enjoying her beach, her weather, her SUN, her mountains, her restaurants, her rooftop bars, the list continues... And I think its about time I enjoy her at her most brutal state.

Alright, so I know that sounds completely corny, but if I am going to die trying, there is no other city I'd rather die trying than in Los Angeles. So we'll see, on March 17th, will I love LA more or less?

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  1. OK, fine about L.A. and all, but I thought the first city you fell in love with was London?